Ilion Marina Presentation Links

A View of the E. Remington & Sons Armory in 1862 during the Civil War

View of E. Remington & Son packet boat used for commercial purposes

A View of the Remington Clock Tower designed by Charles Fasoldt in 1873

A View of the E. Remington & Sons Armory in 1875 during the “Golden Age” of Ilion

A View of the Erie Canal at Bridge Square Looking east in Ilion c. 1880

View of ice hockey on the Erie Canal during the winter with the Ilion Brewery in the right background

View of packet boat on the Erie Canal near present day Shull Street c.1885

View of the new lift bridge over the Erie Canal in 1897

View of the drained Erie Canal looking west c. 1890

View of the Fred G. Teall packet boat on the Erie Canal with W. Canal Street in background c. 1900

View of a City of Utica packet boat on a Sunday excursion c.1910

View of Remington expansion as framing on new buildings has begun along Main St. in 1915

View of brick laying on new Remington Arms building in 1915

View of brick exterior going up along Main St in 1915

View of new Remington Arms brick buildings in 1915 with Erie Canal in the foreground

View of another new Remington Arms building erected  in 1915 along the Erie Canal

View of Erie Canal looking west in 1915 with London Bridge in background

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